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"The Participatory Grand Concert": imagined, carried and produced by Pierre-Arnaud Larnier, choirmaster of several choirs in Nantes (La Bougane, les Voix du Nord, Semitan, Evok...) and creator of classical music shows and not only…

First part performed by the Chœur d’Hommes de Vannes under the direction of Malgorzata Pleyber:
“Songs from the great classic to the best of the contemporary”
Schonen, Ola Gjeilo, John Rutter, Lee Dengler, John Leavitt, Eugene Butler.

The second part brings together choristers (about 150) from the Nantes region who do not necessarily know each other. They will meet at Notre-Dame de Bon Port for two rehearsals before the day of the concert after having worked on the scores on their side and will be accompanied by professional musicians.
During this musical creation, the public is immersed in a sound and visual bath.

The artistic director Pierre-Arnaud Larnier evokes during this trip the different ways of apprehending the passage towards death through excerpts from requiems (Verdi, Yoshihisa, Mozart, Fauré, Cherubini, Larnier) and the feelings that this can cause. in man.
After death comes the aspiration to a paradise evoked by different composers (Saint-Saëns, Larnier).
Finally Interstellar questions the future of humanity and reveals the very essence of life and the sustainability of Man, namely Love.

Pierre-Arnaud Larnier invites the public to participate in the finale by teaching them a few simple melodies during the intermission, to an arrangement he made from the soundtrack of the film 'Interstellar' by Hans Zimmer.


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