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Music: it is the art of organizing sounds and silences in such a way as to produce melodies, harmonies, rhythms...
Therapy: treating a person with a treatment.

Music therapy: judicious use of music as a therapeutic tool in order to open a channel of communication, to allow relaxation, to improve the quality of life.


The sound vibration accompanies the history of humanity from the dawn of time to the present day.
The use of music is found in all ancestral peoples; among the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, during ceremonies, rites of passage or therapeutic sessions. Aesculapius used music for healing purposes; Plato advised it, as well as dancing, against fears and phobic anxieties; Aristotle, on the other hand, attributed the beneficial effect of music to its cathartic power. That is to say: to provoke the emotion of a repressed representation in the unconscious, the latter responsible for psychic disorders.
Music therapy is therefore not new, it has proven itself. It is now increasingly recognized by the medical profession as an effective help and care therapy for body and mind.


Maintain, improve or even restore the mental, physical, sensory and emotional health of a person by restoring their self-confidence, thanks to the implementation of psychomusical techniques.



We are all endowed at birth with an extraordinary ability to listen, see, sing, move... Unfortunately, this ability is often inhibited or even completely forgotten due to our upbringing, our habits, our hectic lifestyles, our illnesses... So many mental maps that gradually paralyze our senses. In addition to the diagnosis of our psychic body, music therapy allows us to continue working on ourselves in order to open up to life and return to the essentials.

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